Ultrasound – Know for Sure

Ultrasound is the best tool to achieve pregnancy verification and fetal age.  
Did you know that some women have unnecessary abortions? 

Whether you plan to carry to term or terminate your pregnancy, it is important to know how far along you are in your pregnancy and the status of your pregnancy. Though most pregnancy tests are very reliable, the only way to truly confirm the status of your pregnancy is by an ultrasound. With this information you can make sure that you receive the best care. Many women have had abortions they didn’t need because their pregnancy was not viable and they had miscarried before they even went for the procedure.

An ultrasound can provide you with three very important pieces of information when considering your decision.

  1. It will tell you if the pregnancy is in utero. Ectopic pregnancies occur when a pregnancy establishes outside of the uterus and if not detected, it can endanger your well-being requiring emergency treatment.
  2. It will tell you how far along you are in the pregnancy. There are various abortion methods depending on how many weeks pregnant you are.
  3. It will tell you if the pregnancy is viable. Meaning, one that will continue under normal circumstances because 1 in 5 pregnancies end naturally through miscarriage.

ChoiceOne offers FREE ultrasounds! We offer this free service because we believe you should not be charged a fee for your ultrasound and not be put under any obligation when receiving the ultrasound.

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