1. Our services are always free and confidential
  2. Early pregnancy confirmation at no cost to you
    • our pregnancy testing is so sensitive, many times our pregnancy tests can detect you are pregnant before you miss your period
    • we offer blood test confirmation of pregnancy at no charge
    • we offer ultrasound pregnancy confirmation at no charge
  3. STI screening and treatment
    • many other organizations charge for these services and require medical insurance for screening and treatment – at ChoiceOne all these services remain free of charge
  4. No parental consent required
  5. No insurance required
  6. No paperwork will be sent to your home

If you are considering termination of a pregnancy – please note that it is critically important for you to get unbiased and safe information before you make your decision.  Abortion is a blind procedure and in many states it is performed by technicians and not medical doctors.

ChoiceOne makes no money from your decision. ChoiceOne is unbiased and without judgement!

Please call for information:  1.800.497.TEST